Frequently Asked Questions & Installation Instructions

Question: How do I know if I need a SprinklerLift?
  • Answer: Usually sunken sprinkler heads result in green grass around the sprinkler head, with area further around not receiving adequate water, making it look dry and brown. It may also appear that the grass directly around the head is flattened out as the water knocks down the grass. A SprinklerLift unit adds 1 ½” of height for the sprinkler head to clear the dirt and grass and provide more even watering. You can also use 2 SprinklerLift parts together for a 3” height if needed. 

Question: How do I purchase my SprinklerLift?
  • Answer: SprinklerLifts can be purchased directly from our website on our Shop page, or through our authorized dealers.
Question: What brands of sprinkler heads does SprinklerLift work with?
  • Answer: We currently offer SprinklerLift with Rain Bird® 1800 Series/ K-Rain®and Orbit®sprinkler heads. 
  • Our parts are currently NOT COMPATIBLE with Rainbird® Sure-pop, Hunter®, or Toro® sprinkler heads.
Question: Can I get SprinklerLift for rotor style heads?
  • Answer: We currently offer SprinklerLift only for pop-up sprinkler heads, but we are in the process of developing our product for rotor style heads as well. 
Question: Can I get other heights of this same product?
  • Answer: While 1 ½” height will cover most applications, we have designed this product to be able to attach two SprinklerLift units to the top of a sprinkler head to gain a total of 3” in height. No other heights are currently available.
Question: What if I need less than the standard 1 ½" height?
  • Answer: We recommend installing the Sprinklerlift normally, then adding topsoil or sand around the head to the desired thickeness with the edges feathered out into the surrounding sod area. If the thickness is 1" or less, most grasses will come through. If more than 1", you may consider adding seed.

Question: How do I install a SprinklerLift to my existing sprinkler heads?  
Question: What tools do I need to install a SprinklerLift to my existing sprinkler heads?
  • Answer: We recommend a garden trowel or small shovel to dig around sunken head, channel locks to remove existing sprinkler cap, and phillips head screwdriver to tighten set screw. Please see our Installation guide for more details. You can also contact us for more detailed questions as needed.

Question: After installation, why does my nozzle not pop up all the way, or stick and not recede all the way back down into the sprinkler head?
  • Answer: The most common reason for this issue is the alignment of the ribs inside the sprinkler head that the stem rides on. Remove the head and check that the sprinkler head ribs and the SprinklerLift ribs line up perfectly and secure set screw. Check the Installation Guide for more detailed instructions
Question: What parts come with a SprinklerLift?
  • Answer: A SprinklerLift unit consists of (1) ABS plastic body, (1) rubber “o”-ring, (1) stainless steel set screw.
Question: Do I have to use the provided o-ring?
  • Answer: Yes. The O-ring is what sets the proper spacing for the bottom of the stem to transition from the guides on the sides of the sprinkler body to the guides on the sides of the SprinklerLift. The o-ring also creates a seal that prevents leaking.
Question: What do I do if I lose the “o”-ring or set screw?
  • Answer: Please contact the local authorized dealer for replacement, or, if purchased from our website, contact us directly.
Question: What do I do if I break one of the prongs off the part?
  • Answer: Your SprinklerLift should still function if one of the prongs is broken off. If more than one is broken, a new part is advised.
Question: What is the warranty on this product?
  • Answer: SprinklerLift products are warrantied for 1 year from factory defects. Contact us for more details.
Question: Does adding the SprinklerLift shorten the height of my stem?
  • Answer: No. This product, if installed correctly, will allow the stem to rise the extra height of the SprinklerLift to achieve the extra height needed to clear the sunken head.
Question: How do I contact SprinklerLift for more details or clarifications?
  • Answer: Please visit our Store Locator page for a list of local authorized dealers as well as email and phone numbers for our main office.
Question: How can I become an authorized dealer of this product?
  • Answer: Contact our main office and we can review the process of becoming an authorized dealer.
Question: What kind of materials are used for SprinklerLifts?
  • Answer: We use high grade ABS plastic for the SprinklerLift body. The “o”-ring is made of durable Nitrile rubber. The set screw is made from stainless steel to avoid rust and corrosion over time.
Question: What if my existing sprinkler needs to be straightened?
  • Answer: The easiest solution for this is to remove some of the dirt from one side, and then add it to the opposite side until it is straightened. Pack the new dirt in tightly until part is stationary. Check a few times over the following week or two to ensure the sprinkler head stays in place, and add more dirt or pack again as needed.

Installation Instructions
  • Please click on "Installation Guide PDF" link below.

Installation Guide PDF

Installation Guide PDF


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